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Wooden Bike Tours F.A.Q.


How can I book a tour?

You do it by filling up a reservation form on our site or visit our Office (Giali Tzamisi Square / Mosque)



Who can use an electric wooden bike?

An electric bicycle looks and feels just like a normal bicycle. If you know how to ride a normal bicycle, you will have no problem riding an electric one. The only difference is that an electric bicycle is powered by a battery that helps you pedal, thereby allowing you to climb a steep hill with barely having to exert any power. In short, an effortless and utterly pleasant experience! A short test of 10 meters and 4 rounds of pedals is enough to understand that it is very easy.

What is the start time for the tours?

Our  tours, have a standard start time. The time that the tours start is 9:00am in the morning, with an earlier pick up time arranged and sent to you by us. Other start times are possible at your convenience time but only if the tour is booked as a private tour.


Who can participate and can I bring my kids on the tour?
Our bikes are electrical wooden bikes (e-wooden bikes). Our tours are lead at a relaxing pace and are for both the "occasional" exerciser as well as for fully experienced bike riders. We welcome anyone who is in sufficient health to comfortably ride a bicycle. We don’t take in a tour Children under 14 years old.

How safe are the tours?
Safety is our number one priority. Each tour begins with a safety and bike usage talk. Our bikes are maintained on regular basis and our staff prepares the bike saddle to fit for every participant. The tour route takes place on the paths, trails, and sidewalks. We provide helmets (which all tour participants must wear) as well as safety lights on our evening tours.

Do I have to make a deposit if I want to join a guided tour?
To join our tour you don't need to pay a deposit, but as a participant, it is obligatory to follow the tour and stay with the group.

How do I check for tour availability and make reservations?
You can check availability and make your tour reservations online. Walk-ins are welcome, if space is available. Tours are filled quickly and reservations are strongly recommended. 

What is provided/included and what do I need to bring?
The cost of a guided tour includes the use of our comfort  e-wooden bike, helmet, a bottle of water at the end of the tour. You might want to bring a camera since you’ll find a lot of snapshot opportunities on tour. Otherwise we always take snapshots during the tour, which will be sent to you by email. We advise that you wear seasonally appropriate clothing (not too loose) and closed-toe shoes. Also, you should bring your swimsuit and a towel, if you would like to have a swim during our coastal relaxing tour.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my reservation?
Reservations may be rescheduled at any time, depending on availability. Refunds for cancelled tours are available with 15 days notice. Cancellations requested with less than 15 days notice will be issued a full credit which is fully transferrable and never expires. No-shows forfeit payment

How big is a group and do you split up large groups?
To have better control of the group, the maximum we take 6 people on the tour. For safety reasons, larger groups are divided.

Why book a private tour instead of a private tour?
Although private tours are more expensive than our scheduled tours there are many advantages. First of all because it's a "private" tour, it will only be your group and the guides. This allows you to travel at the pace and speed you want. Secondly, our private tours give you the option of going a little longer or a little shorter on time. What if you have already seen some of the sites on our popular day bike tour and instead want to see other sites? Your private tour you can consult with our guides before you depart and determine exactly what you want to see or not. Since our guides are experts in guiding your bike tours in Chania, they know exactly what sites will fit into your time frame and can adjust the tour exactly to your needs.

Is it appropriate to tip my guide?
Gratuities are not included in our tour prices and are greatly appreciated, although not mandatory. If you enjoyed your experience on tour, our guides will happily accept any tip for a job well done.

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